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Orphan Love

Winter is giving way to spring in Black Dew Seat, a rugged outpost buried in the backwoods of northern Ontario. The year is 1989, and Bozak is on the run, fleeing a buried body and an unthinkable betrayal.

She stumbles into Dave, a Native rocker with a dark past, a beat-up canoe, and an escape route to the Hudson River and New York City. But their journey to the new world becomes a dangerous game of the hunter and the hunted when Dave’s past catches up with him, and Bozak’s thirst for revenge is quenched.

Weaving together the lonely landscape of northern Ontario with the man-made terrain of New York City, and heavy metal with punk-rock culture, Nadia Bozak has written a beautiful, dark, and wholly original love story of two subterranean souls, searching for identity and redemption.


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Reviews for Orphan Love

A blunt and surly exploration of backwoods sex, violence and emotional disorder. Hard-edged misfits and outcasts in a tale that tempts you down unfamiliar paths. Nadia Bozak’s sharp eye captures these lives with authenticity and undeniable power.

Kenneth J. Harvey, author of Inside

Sparkling with pistol-hot energy A wild, inventive debut, Orphan Love stars an angry, screwed-up 1989 female version of Holden Caulfield, tough on the outside but innocent at heart. What Bozak the author has done is to open a vein deep into the adolescent psyche. As much as she tries to shock, she successfully hits nerve after nerve. Their journey out of the heartbreaking North makes for extremely satisfying fiction.

Toronto Star

Raw, gritty and profane. Orphan Love is unrelentingly well-written.

Calgary Herald

Lively and engaging. Orphan Love is like a punk song: gritty and coarse on the surface, but with an agenda intended to shake up social mores.

Quill & Quire

Orphan Love has all the scalding, fierce energy of a comet whizzing through the coldest dark. Bozaks characters are beaten up and brave and very, very much alive. Here is a coming of age story full of horror and hard-won hope. Here is the voice of a storyteller afraid of nothing, generous and wickedly bold. This novel burns bright.

Lisa Moore, author of Alligator

What David Adams Richards has done for northern New Brunswick, [Nadia] Bozak has done for northern Ontario. Orphan Love on all fronts is a winner. Stripped down, tragic, terrifying and at times brutally funny, this book deserves a multitude of readers.

Edmonton Journal

[Nadia] Bozak writes in the tradition of contemporary masters of cyclical violence like Russell Banks and Dennis Lahane.

Montreal Mirror

Engrossing As a whole and on its own terms, Orphan Love succeeds.

The Globe and Mail

The ultimate road novel.an odyssey most unlike anything that you have ever read. Nadia Bozak is a born storyteller.

Owen Sound Times